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Impacts and News

Impacts and News

Impacts and News

Lego Serious Play

An article on the impact of the Lego Serious Play project at Exeter (2020-21) was published in the Times Higher Education #THECampus guide on 1st October 2021

Education Incubator Impact Report - 2019/20 Projects

We have created an impact report of the projects our Incubator Fellows worked on in 2019/20, to help highlight their work and innovations, which you can read below, or click here.


Education Incubator Calendar Year Report - 2020

We have created a Calendar Year report to highlight the impact and successes that the Incubator has had in 2020, which you can read below, or click here: Education Incubator Calendar Year 2020 Report.

To learn more about these projects, or if you have any questions about future funding opportunities, please email the Incubator on