About Corporate Responsibility

The University plays a pivotal role in the city of Exeter and the South West region, as well as nationally and internationally.

We are a major engine of economic growth and generate nearly £500m a year for the economy. The University has recently completed an investment programme at its campuses in Exeter and Penryn, Cornwall, worth £475m. A further investment of around £200m has already begun with the commencement of work on our new £50m Living Systems Institute. Continued growth at the University created around 350 new jobs last year.

We balance growth with sustainability. New buildings like the Forum and the Environment and Sustainability Institute are designed to reach high standards of energy efficiency (BREAAM Excellent and Outstanding). We are highly rated for our commitment to the environment, achieving a First class award five years year running in the People and Planet 2012 Green League. We manage our campuses to ensure they are high quality environments for plants and animals as well as students and staff.

We believe that the diversity of our community is an essential part of our values. It enriches employment, research, studying and learning experiences. We are committed to supporting students and staff to work and study in an environment that is free from discrimination and promotes equality of opportunity. We are active supporters of equality and diversity events such as Exeter Pride.

Our students, staff and alumni are active volunteers in the community. Students work on a wide range of projects to help elderly and disadvantaged people. RAG raises around £70k a year for charity. Staff are encouraged to take a day a year in work time to undertake community projects. The volunteering ethos extends to our alumni who between them have devoted over 15,000 hours of their time to helping the University.

We look to play a positive role in the local community. We are mindful of the potential clash of lifestyles between students and local residents. Our Community Liaison team seeks to inform students about practical issues like rubbish collection and noise and works with local communities to resolve any issues that occur.

We have a major positive impact on the arts and culture scene. We support for the Northcott Theatre, are a major live entertainment venue and organise many other performances, lectures and exhibitions. The University provides an arts and culture website which aims to provide an easy source of information about events for local people.

Our research has a strong focus on tackling major world issues. This includes health, climate change and food and water security. With our colleagues at the Met Office we have the largest concentration of researchers working on climate change and sustainability in the UK. Our medical school works actively with hospitals in the region and we are world leaders in areas such as diabetes.

We seek to attract the best students in the UK, but also to recruit people from all backgrounds. We are increasing the proportion of students we take from lower-socio-economic groups and invest £18.5m a year in bursaries which includes support for people from poorer backgrounds.

We are involved in working with many different partners both at home and overseas. In Exeter we are working with our partners to establish a new Science Park and a new Maths Free School. In Newton Abbot we are working to establish a new engineering college. In Cornwall our Environment and Sustainability Institute has worked with over 200 businesses. Internationally, we have links with leading universities like Brown in the USA and Tsinghua and Fudan in China.

We have national and international sport facilities, many of which are available for public use. The latest addition to our sports park is a £6.5m fitness centre. The park also includes indoor tennis and cricket centres, badminton and squash courts, all-weather sports pitches and a heated outdoor swimming pool.