The review process has begun with the establishment of a Steering Group who will be guardians of the process and oversee it on behalf of Council.

It is best practice within the sector to ensure that the steering group has a member who is independent of the University, but who has relevant sector and governance experience. Their role is to provide external guidance and input throughout the review process.

In addition to the members of the Steering Group an external HE Governance Consultant has been engaged to advise on and facilitate the process. They will bring experience of carrying out effectiveness reviews and best practice in doing so. They will also be independent of the University.


  • The Chair of Council (Chair) – Sarah Turvill
  • Two Deputy Vice-Chancellors (recommended by VCEG) – Professor Janice Kay and Professor Mark Goodwin
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Geoff Pringle
  • Two lay members of Council (recommended by the Chair of Council) – Mr Peter Lacey and Ms Judy Hargadon
  • Two elected members of Council (recommended by the Chair of Council) – Professor Debra Myhill and Mr Pete Hodges
  • ASA Member (recommended by the Chair of Council) – Dr Alan Outram
  • External Independent Member – Lee Saunders, Registrar and Secretary, University of Birmingham

In attendance:

  • External Facilitator - John Lauwerys, HE Governance Consultant
  • Executive Officer to the COO (Secretary), Jill Williams