‌‌‌‌Finance and Investment Dual Assurance

Finance and Investment Dual Assurance is responsible for the oversight of finance and investments. 

The Finance and Investment Terms of Reference Feb. 2017outline the aims and membership of the Finance and Investment Dual Assurance group.

The Independent lead for Finance and Investment Dual Assurance is Alison Reed, the management lead is Andrew Connolly, Chief Financial Officer, supported by Sally Harrington, Executive Assistant to the Director.

The meeting dates for 2017/18 are:

  • Tuesday 26 September at 11am
  • Wednesday 1 November at 2pm
  • Tuesday 12 December (by telephone)
  • Tuesday 6 February at 11:30am
  • Tuesday 13 March at 11am
  • Wednesday 23 May at 4pm
  • Friday 13 July at 9am


Agendas, Minutes and Papers (password protected)

Meeting papers are only available to Council and VCEG members and those involved in the Dual Assurance Partnerships. If you would like to request access to any documents, please contact Jean Lloyd, Council Co-Ordinator, j.a.lloyd@exeter.ac.uk