Council Nominations Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2016/17

Terms of Reference

1         To make recommendations to Council for:

(a)       the nomination of the Chancellor;

(b)       the nomination of the Pro-Chancellors under Class I of Council membership;

(c)       the nomination of the Chair of Council;

(d)       nominations for the places under Class II of Council membership;

(e)       nominations to Council committees and joint committees with Senate.

(f)        nominations to Trusts associated with the University.

2         To review criteria for appointments from time to time, having regard to Council policy.

3         To promote equality and diversity through its selection of nominations to Council.

Constitution and Membership 2015/16

Pro-Chancellors (ex officio)
Sarah J Turvill, Chair of Council (Chair)
Dr Sarah Buck OBE
Richard Hughes

Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Professor Sir Steve Smith

Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Professor Janice Kay

A lay member (not necessarily a member of Council), to be elected by all members of Council
to be confirmed

Alumnae representation following dissolution of Convocation
The Chair of Council is an alumna and will therefore provide the Alumni Network Group and alumnae representation agreed with Convocation previously.