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Pro-Vice-Chancellor Cornwall

Professor David Hosken

Professor David Hosken was appointed as Pro-Vice-Chancellor Cornwall in 2019. He works with all six Colleges, professional services and partners to deliver our strategic objectives in Cornwall associated with our sovereign strategies (Education, Research & Impact and Global) as well as the Cornwall Vision and Strategy 2030. Professor Hosken, reports to the Provost, is a new member of the University Executive Board (UEB) and leads key groups in Cornwall.

He is an evolutionary biologist with broad interests, but is primarily interested in sexual phenotypes, particularly those associated with sexual selection and sexual conflict, and in the genotype-phenotype link. He also worked on the genetics of sexual selection, sperm competition, inbreeding, metabolism, and intra-locus sexual conflict. He is particularly interested in DDT-resistance alleles in Drosophila because of the sexually antagonistic selection they generate. He was awarded the 2013 Zoological Society of London’s scientific medal for his work in evolutionary biology and is a member of panel A.5 for REF2021.

Previously he held the position of Dean of Strategic Development in Cornwall from 2015 having moved to Exeter in 2004 after working at the Universities of Zurich, Konstanz and Chicago.