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Informal report

Informal report

This form is for students and staff to use. It is confidential and as an informal reporting mechanism, it is not suitable for use as part of a formal reporting or complaints process. If you wish to instigate a formal complaint, please see our formal reporting options.

What will happen if I submit an informal report?

How we will use your information

  • Any specific information you provide will remain confidential, and will not be passed on to anyone else without your permission.
  • In exceptional circumstances, if you provide further information which indicates an unacceptable risk to an individual or the University, we may share this information with relevant partners in line with safeguarding.
  • Information provided is stored centrally and securely with the EDI team.
  • The University will use the information you provide to signpost you to the appropriate support and help us understand what kind of incidents are taking place in our community.
  • Anonymised reports on the data received will be considered by the University Inclusion Group, University Executive Board (UEB) and Council, and published annually online in the EDI report.
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