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EdTech Exeter – enhancing the digital learning experience

EdTech Exeter

The EdTech Exeter programme aims to introduce an enhanced Virtual Learning Environment that will be the digital platform upon which the University of Exeter will build its Global Digital Curriculum, a core foundation of Our Strategy.

The focus of this work is to enhance our students' learning experience by improving the environment through which they engage with online learning.  

The aim of the programme is to improve access to learning resources that are simple to use, easy to access anywhere, anytime and that will compliment face-to-face teaching across our campuses.  

The goal of the programme is to provide new opportunities for academic colleagues allowing them to access a greater variety of tools to deliver teaching and new ways for students to engage with their modules and disciplines. 

Examples of these might include:

  • Responsive quizzes that give students answers as they take them allowing them to reflect as they study
  • Blogging and interactive conversations with peers
  • Virtual reality field trips
  • Giving feedback or submitting work through audio or video files
  • Laboratory simulations
  • Online examinations

The programme supports the digital transformation theme of the developing Education Strategy and seeks to contribute to the intended outcome of the strategy that ‘Our students and educators will enjoy a sector-leading digital experience that enhances learning & teaching’.

The impact of the programme will be across all campuses to all colleagues and students involved in and supporting education.

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This programme sits as part of the wider Education Strategy Consultation. If you would like to give feedback on the strategy that this programme supports, please email the team with your comments.

If you have any questions about the Ed Tech Exeter programme, contact the programme team: