Moberly redevelopment update

The current Moberly accommodation, on the north west of the campus, was built in 1966. The building has now reached the end of its usable life in its current form and no longer meets the aspirations of the University or student demand for modern housing. The existing halls of residence will be replaced by a sensitively located, high-quality, modern development, increasing the number of bedrooms from 139 to around 251.

The on-campus accommodation proposal for Moberly offers an efficient use of the land. It will provide high-quality bedrooms and facilities to assist in accommodating the students that are planning to come to the University and the City.

The planning application for the Moberly student accommodation redevelopment has been approved by Exeter City Council and a project plan is currently being developed. Further updates will follow once the demolishment and construction phases have been finalised.

The proposals have evolved through two consultations – in July and November 2016 - with the local community, residents, staff and students. We appreciate the engagement from everyone who has taken an interest in the proposals. The feedback has been listened to and the designs updated, where workable, to accommodate the views of the range of participants in the consultations.

The revised plans shown in November 2016

  • 251 student bedrooms arranged in cluster flats including reception and common rooms in one single building
  • The building footprint is located with respect to preserved trees
  • The H-shaped configuration allows the location of student services and social activities in the centre of the site – away from neighbours
  • Reconfiguring internal arrangements reduces overlooking to neighbouring properties – particularly toward Cowley Bridge Road.
  • The northern courtyard provides an area for vehicle access and turning to ensure regular servicing and vehicle movements (such as bin collection) are undertaken on the University’s land

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