Dr Hazel Lawson

Senior Fellow SFHEA


Name Dr Hazel Lawson 


Position Director of Education, Special and Inclusive Education
College Graduate School of Education
Modules EFPM270, EFPM271, EFPM272

Assessments through presentations and vivas

The team decided to assess the students on module EFPM270 – Special Educational Needs: Teaching and Learning through paired presentations; this built the collaborative skills of students, while their individual knowledge on a topic was demonstrated through a follow-up viva.

Promoting cultural awareness within and outside of the programme

The Graduate School of Education, as part of EFPM271 – Special Educational Needs: Provision and Practice, arranged for all students to have visits and a placement in schools. As part of a visit to a local secondary school, the GSE Race Equality Resource Officer in GSE and Hazel supported two female students who wore a niqab to present about their culture in the school. This allowed the students and staff members to become more aware of cultural issues. The program also offers a module which focuses specifically on international perspectives, inclusion, disability and diversity.

Aim 2: Excellent employment experiences & capabilities

To measure and improve the employability attributes of all students through course, extra-curricular and out-of-term-time activities


  • "Methods of assessment for this module are rigorous, innovative and imaginative. The paired presentations work well and encourage students to work collaboratively and in ways that reflect professional roles (e.g. teachers providing training for colleagues). These are complemented to good effect with the requirement to provide written commentaries on issues discussed in presentations. The additional informal individual viva requirement also provides a good opportunity for students to convey their understanding of issues set out in presentations and written commentaries”.