Dr Paul Farrand

National Teaching Fellow and Senior Fellow SFHEA


Name Dr Paul Farrand
Email P.A.Farrand@exeter.ac.uk
Position Senior Teaching Fellow in Psychology
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Module PSY1301

Work-related assessment for employability

Paul worked on a project with Collaborate, which required students to create a patient information pamphlet on the University's new Wellbeing Centre, as well as to prepare a presentation about the process.

As Paul explains: "The students were given a briefing like you would if you were in a business - about what the expectation was, [and] what they needed to get out and produce." This practical application of the students' knowledge, allowed them to develop their employability skills through the assessment.

Aim 2: Excellent employment experiences & capabilities

To measure and improve the employability attributes of all students through course, extra-curricular and out-of-term-time activities

What students say:

  • "When you write an essay, that's not really very practical... but I think [creating the patient information leaflet has] actually been useful, because you've done a range of things... You've had to do research, so you've still gained the knowledge, but... it's more practical, so you feel that one day you might actually have to do someting like this, so it's good practice".
  • "It's been useful in terms of real world experience... because we've had to put ourselves in the shoes of... service users".

Employability skills

"Something I was quite keen on was to increase the likelihood of the assessments becoming more linked to employability and a real world work-based focus."

Unexpected benefits

"... what seems to be quite a focused, explicit skill... actually... reinforces a range of other, more academic learning objectives as well".