Ian Hodges

Career Zone


Name Ian Hodges
Email I.D.Hodges@exeter.ac.uk
Position Careers and Employability Manager
Division Academic Services

Developing employable attributes through Careers Services

Within Employability and Graduate Development (EGD), Ian Hodges manages the team of careers consultants who “deliver a range of different activities both at the centre, through Career Zone, but also out in Colleges.”

As a component of Academic Services, EGD helps students progress into employment within their chosen field after graduation. “It is the role of EGD to make sure that students are well-prepared, are well-versed, have access to lots of opportunities, [and] are given the opportunity to explore their career ideas in order to make that transition from university into whatever they want to do after they finish.”

The activities offered within EGD range from employer fairs, presentations and alumni relation events, to work-related learning through employability skills workshops. Most of these activities can count towards the Exeter Award, which is an opportunity for the students’ extra-curricular work to be recorded and recognised. Curriculum-based employability sessions are also offered, and one-to-one career guidance is available from the team of careers consultants. Online resources allow students to access information that they might need at any time.

Ian believes it is important for students to have employability support outside of their courses because “students need access to people who are experts in what they do. Through EGD, we have people who are experts in training, in personal development, one-to-one guidance and information… that can’t be replicated through their courses… That’s why the University has a range of student support services.” This type of support, even within the first year through eXFactor, is necessary for building work-related skills and also on a personal level for each student, “because they need support in order to do the things that they want to do after graduation.”

Aim 2: Excellent employment experiences & capabilities
To measure and improve the employability attributes of all students through course, extra-curricular and out-of-term-time activities

Enhancing employable attributes

“There are many different ways of gaining [transferable] skills..."