Isabel Moros

Senior Fellow SFHEA and Most Supportive Member of Staff Winner


Name Isabel Moros
Position Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies
College College of Humanities
Module MLS3027

Building a fictitious company

Students need to create a fictitious company from scratch. Students get to choose the subject that they will explore, they choose the idea and need to develop it, devising very clearly their roles within the group in order to make up their fictitious company. 

Aim 2: Excellent employment experiences and capabilities
Unrivalled opportunity for graduate-level employment experiences and the development of employability attributes

What students say:

  • "My favourite aspect of the Commercial Spanish module was its applicability to the non-academic world.  It was a huge contrast to linguistics and literature elective modules; it was a real stepping stone from academia to finding a graduate job. The module coincided perfectly with my graduate job applications, and it furthered my interest and knowledge in key commercial areas both on a domestic and worldwide level; this was reflected in my successful applications."
  • "I applied the skills that I learned in the module to give the best service possible, providing added value to the team and helping the deals to be a success."
  • "Whilst a challenge, [the business presentation]... provided invaluable skills development in, amongst many other things, teamwork, oral presentation and delegation. It was both enjoyable and difficult to come up with a concept from its very inception and create a whole business from it, but the experience I gained from it was the most valuable of my degree."
  • "[Compiling the dossier]... taught me great discipline in deadlines, organisation, planning and research - skills which have helped me no end in my job. The dossier was a task of mammoth proportions, but the satisfaction I gained from completing it was huge and I very much enjoyed putting it together."

Creating a company

"Dossier projects [put students]... in touch with very important changes... opening opportunities for them to become global citizens."

The landscape is changing

"I feel that it is important that we become more up-to-date with... what students are going to encounter once they graduate."

Reflections on technology

"Just because... [most students have] a smartphone and... a tablet, it doesn't mean that they know how to make the best use of it."

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