Louise Rose 

Students' Guild Staff


Name Louise Rose
Email C.L.Rose@exeter.ac.uk
Position IGNITE Manager

The Students' Guild

Developing students' employability through entrepreneurial activities

Louise Rose is the Manager of IGNITE; a Students’ Guild support unit for up-and-coming student entrepreneurs at the University. As Louise explains, IGNITE presents students with “an opportunity to enhance their academic experience; we provide one-to-ones, we provide workshops, we provide… start-up weekends [and] hackathon events. We’ve done really with the ‘Microsoft Imagine Cup’ hackathon, we’ve had international winners, [and] we’ve had national winners…so we’re doing very well in developing innovative entrepreneurial students." 

Providing an opportunity for students to gain experience whilst testing out their ideas, IGNITE helps students to develop their transferable skills. By building their confidence and ability to work as part of a team, for example, engaging in entrepreneurial activity helps to build students’ employability.

As Louise points out, getting involved in entrepreneurial activities encourages students to explore “what really excites them, what engages them, what their passionate about, [and] what is it that they want to be doing out in the world [after university]”.

Aim 2: Excellent employment experiences & capabilities
To measure and improve the employability attributes of all students through course, extra-curricular and out-of-term-time activities

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