Steve Wallers

Career Zone


Name Steve Wallers
Position Employment Services and Placements Manager
Division Academic Services

Developing and supporting students’ employability

As the Employment Services and Placements Manager within Employability and Graduate Development (EGD), Steve works mainly with employer engagement. This involves working with “graduate level employers, both nationally and internationally, and we also work with small or medium sized enterprises within the local area.” Developing these relationships with employers is vital in order to engage students better with real-life careers advice.

Although academic commitment is desirable, Steve explains that feedback from employers suggests that “a degree is not enough. [Students] need to expand their experience and their knowledge, and be able to demonstrate skills and experiences they’ve learnt through the course of their studies here at Exeter. The activities that we provide within EGD helps supplement that… It helps support their employability so they can articulate that in interviews.” The University of Exeter engages students with employability from the day they arrive. Within the first year, the eXfactor programme allows students to have access to an introduction of the types of employability activities they can get involve with throughout their time here.

The Employer Forum “is an opportunity for us to invite key employers from different sectors and different types of industry… to come to the University, and then we present to them… a series of workshops.” Working in interdisciplinary groups, the employers work through tasks and give feedback to help the University shape the types of activities and employment content they will deliver to students in the following year. This forum keeps EGD and the department’s work incredibly relevant to what employers really want from Exeter graduates.

EGD offers a range of services for all students, both undergraduate and postgraduate: from careers advice to employer events, from work placements to internships. Online resources for students include support on interviews and applications on the EGD site, and access to My Career Zone. This careers portal offers a vast selection of activities, such as job opportunities or skill development workshops. Please visit the links below, under ‘Additional Resources’.

Aim 2: Excellent employment experiences & capabilities
To measure and improve the employability attributes of all students through course, extra-curricular and out-of-term-time activities

Work placements and internships

“We actively encourage students to undertake internships or placements while they are here…”

Engaging students with employability

"We’re trying… to open [students’] eyes to the opportunities that are out there for them…"