Cris Burgess

Dr Cris Burgess

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Using technology to enhance learning

Name Dr Cris Burgess
Position Senior Lecturer/Director of Education for Psychology
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Modules PSY2206


Cris Burgess has developed a valuable tool for helping students in their use of SPSS software for research assignments. The interactive test-chooser helps students to identify the correct statistical procedure as well as offering a summary, or the conceptual basis, for each test.

Supporting International Students

He is also involved in supporting and improving the educational experience of international students in collaboration with the INTO centre.

Aim 5: First class education and technology
To equip students with the ability to use technologies effectively for learning and student success

Additional resources


The test chooser indicates which statistical test is appropriate for the student's purpose, and explains how to carry out that test in SPSS using a helpful video.

Supporting international students

"We recognised that there was a problem with some of our international students in that we were recruiting extremely bright, capable and able international students to our programme and yet they weren’t achieving their potential."

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