Dr Kevin Brandom

Senior Fellow SFHEA 

Using technology to enhance learning


Dr Kevin Brandom



Position Senior Lecturer in Clinical Education
College University of Exeter Medical School

Simulations to support employability

“Junior doctors don’t have a lot of confidence with prescribing. It’s one of the major areas of concern when they start practising and - diabetes itself being quite a complicated disease with lots of drugs and regimens out there - was a particular problem area”. In response, Kevin Brandom was part of a team that developed a safe prescribing web resource: the ‘Diabetes Scenarios for Junior Doctors'.

Online assessment

Kevin has also explored how technology can be used to enhance the assessment and feedback process for both students and staff. As Kevin explains, “online assessment… encompasses a number of different aspects; some might simply just be formative quizzing of the students so that they can get quick and simple feedback on some material that they’ve been covering… We have these in-built quizzes within our study guides that we develop for our undergraduate programmes in Medicine and Medical Sciences... which can be either multiple choice or drag and drop style questions… We also engage in our high-stakes summative assessment”.

Aim 5: First class education and technology
To equip students with the ability to use technologies effectively for learning and student success

What students say:

  • "It’s really useful having some real life scenarios because they’re all things I hadn’t thought about".
  • "It’s definitely improved my knowledge but it’s also highlighted things that I probably need to go and look at".
  • "… There’s a lot more scenarios that I hadn’t imagined me dealing with... so the breadth of scenarios has increased my knowledge to cover all those scenarios".
  • "… What was most interesting… was the way that the expert gave the answer [which] was brilliant because I had never seen that before"
  • "Reading through the scenarios has made me more confident with managing patients on the ward. By using realistic scenarios it has helped me to remember the information that I read".
  • "Following the session, I felt more confident in my own skills at managing diabetes and when to escalate treatment to seniors. I have been referring to the information supplied on the back of ‘diabetic drug charts’ more frequently since".

Online Assessment

"In our Medical programme, the students undertake progress testing... set at the level of the Graduate Doctor."

Mobile Assessment

"We're looking at whether the mobile technology will... allow us to load student data forms into a tablet."

Safe prescribing web resource

"We were trying to build this completely around being as authentic as possible to really enable us to prepare our students for practice... for when they actually got onto the wards."