Professor Ricarda Schmidt

First class education and technology

Name Professor Ricarda Schmidt
Position Professor in German

College of Humanities

Using technology to share research

Ricarda Schmidt is particularly interested in the lives and works of two early 19th century German authors, E.T.A. Hoffmann and Heinrich von Kleist. She was the principal investigator on an AHRC-funded research project on Kleist (in collaboration with Dr Sean Allan from Warwick University and Dr Steven Howe, a former post-doc from Exeter University now based at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland). This was a multimodal project, which included Ricarda, Dr Allan and Dr Howe recording a series of podcasts on Kleist’s works and related topics.

The link to these podcasts can be found here:

Ricarda explains, “All research is expected to have impact and…it’s quite difficult to do research on an early 19th century German writer in Britain and have impact because there are not that many people who know about him [Kleist].”

Consequently, says Ricarda, the podcasts were designed so, “any students anywhere in the world…[who were]…working on Kleist would be able to get, in just a short twenty, thirty minute period, an introduction to him.”  

The impact of the podcasts has been very impressive. As Ricarda observes, the podcasts, “amazingly had an enormous number of hits. I think within the two or three years since we started them they had over 20,000 hits.”

Now, thanks to the podcasts, anyone interested in literature (as well as Ricarda’s own students) is able to draw upon this material to learn about Kleist and his work.


Aim 5: First class education and technology

To ensure all students are taught and supported by the very best educators, providing inspiring, challenging and innovative learning

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"I invite [students] to read diametrically opposed views and they can make a case for one or the other, or a third position.".

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Students develop “their originality…and…hone their critical thinking."

Using podcasts to bring research to the wider world

"Any students anywhere in the world...[can] introduction to him".