Alice Farris

International learning

Name Alice Farris
Position Lecturer in Italian and Study Abroad Co-ordinator
College College of Humanities

Gaining an international perspective through Study Abroad

Alice is Study Abroad Coordinator, within the College of Humanities, where she supports students who are engaging on a year abroad; either as an optional additional year of study, or as a compulsory element of the Modern Languages course. 

As Alice explains, by undertaking a year abroad, students can experience the language and culture of the destination they visit first hand, gaining an important international perspective to their studies. This also benefits students in terms of developing their employability: “Study abroad, in any form, studying, working, or doing the British Council Scheme, helps people to reflect on their skills, and try and enhance them. This is also helped by the assessment that we set for these students because, as part of it, they have to produce reflective work, and we ask them to think about their skills and how they’ve enhanced their employability.”

Aim 4: International learning, research & experiences
To grow the numbers of international staff and students in our academic community through extended support

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