Emma Sweeney

International perspectives

Name Emma Sweeney
Email E.K.Sweeney@exeter.ac.uk
Position Insessional Teaching Staff
Division INTO University of Exeter

Supporting international students through INTO

Emma is a teacher of Academic Language and Literacy on the Insessional Programme, as part of INTO. As Emma explains, this ‘is a programme of courses developed… to support international…and EU students… with the language and communications skills they need in order to…complete their studies and to participate fully in university life”.

Working predominantly with students at the Business School, Emma works with international students from undergraduate level all the way through to PhD students, teaching modules on academic literacy, study skills,  inter-cultural communication and developing their employability skills, as well as proving one-to-one tutorial support.

As Emma discusses, for international undergraduates in the Business School there is a range of support available, such as two weekly workshops that run in terms one and two and provide support on developing core study and literacy skills. In addition, Emma also “incorporate[s] into that, a series of workshops that are aimed at core modules and the specific genres of assignment that students have to cope with in those core modules…these classes [are designed] to allow students to develop skills, to enhance their performance, [and] to reach their potential”. 

Studying at an international university is hugely beneficial for both international and home students, encouraging intercultural awareness and communication. As Emma discusses, the “Programme helps to.…create a diverse community in the University of Exeter by…helping…[international students] to develop the skills that they need, in order to…contribute their ideas…[and] their perspectives to the wider community”.

Aim 4: International learning, research & experiences

To provide international perspectives in all programmes and a multi-cultural experience for all students

Insessional Programme

"...the Insessional Programme provides a safe setting...for international students...to use, practice and develop skills that they can go on and use in their seminars and in their assignments".  

Studying at an international university

"...by bringing international students...[to Exeter it] gives them the opportunity to contribute their ideas and...experiences...which I think is beneficial to the University and...the home student body as well".

Promoting intercultural awareness and discussion

"I think it's absolutely essential to...increase and improve communication between international students and home students".