Gabriele Vosseberg

Senior Fellow SFHEA

International experiences

Name Gabriele Vosseberg

Position Director of International Development and Head of Accounting
College The Business School

International experience

Gabriele is responsible for assisting in the implementation of the Internationalisation Strategy for the Business School. She is also involved in the creation, development and support of the International Partnership Network, as well as Study Abroad opportunities and other international collaborations.

“The key strategic aims for the internationalisation of the University are to establish Exeter as one of the top one hundred universities worldwide.” This involves developing international research collaborations with high profile institutions and increasing international study abroad exchanges, including attracting more international students to Exeter.

There are varying opportunities for students to gain international experiences. There are yearlong study exchanges, in Europe or beyond, such as North America, Latin America, South East Asia or Australia. The University also offers yearlong work placements, and is increasingly working towards providing work placement opportunities abroad. Within the Business School, there are also opportunities like the undergraduate International Programme Collaboration; a dual degree with a German partner institution, which leads to the award of a Bachelor from both institutions. For postgraduates, there is the chance to study for the first year in Exeter and move on to study a further year either in France or Germany; again leading to the award of a Master from both Exeter and the partner. There are also short international summer school opportunities for undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students.

Many students have taken advantage of their international experience to make a change at Exeter. Gabriele described one example where student James Griffiths was inspired to bring International Week to the University, after coming across the scheme at Uppsala University in Sweden on his Study Abroad programme. “It’s a fantastic concept, and a fantastic example of one of our students bringing a really interesting [opportunity] back here, and for other students at Exeter to benefit from it as well.” For more information about his project, please visit the link under Additional Resources.

Highly employable Exeter graduates

The benefits of a first-hand international experience cannot be understated. “The key benefit is that students actually gain first-hand experience… accessing a different academic culture as well as a professional culture… but also that they live within these cultures; that’s absolutely essential. Learning from textbooks is good, practicing it is a lot better.”

“Every student that I have met that went abroad has come back as a very different person… They have a completely different perspective on life but also academic studies”. International experiences develop students personally and academically, but also professionally. “From a student’s perspective, it’s a combination of gaining the experience here with us, plus having this international experience at partner institutions, and… having access to working with top international companies.”

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

The Business School encourages students to take modules from outside of the College to widen the potential of their learning. There is also the Flexible Combined Honours programme, where students can put together their own study programme with a variety of interests.

“Students from different disciplines sitting together in the same classroom obviously provides the opportunities to learn about each other’s perspectives… To have the opportunity to start thinking beyond boundaries, beyond the boundaries of your own discipline, and maybe even dare to cross those boundaries; pick on ideas and bring them back into your own thinking, bring them back into your own assessment.”

Aim 4: International learning, research & experiences

To provide international perspectives in all programmes and a multi-cultural experience for all students

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