Julia Paci

Nominated for Best Employability Support in 2012

Associate Fellow AFHEA

International experiences

Name Julia Paci
Email J.C.Paci@exeter.ac.uk
Position Employability and Outreach Manager
College College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Employability development

Julia’s role as Employability and Outreach Manager for CSSIS involves looking after the interests of students within Politics, Law, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, the Graduate School of Education and Arab and Islamic Studies. Her work with the students includes skill sessions, mock interviews, developing commercial awareness, generating internship opportunities and building networking skills. Within her role, Julia is keen to gain feedback from students in various methods, such as by attending SSLC meetings, in order to engage with the student body and the direction they want employability support to go.

The Exeter Politics Internship Programme is an opportunity for Politics or International Relations students to work with MPs in Westminster. Currently, Julia is working with local organisations such as Exeter City Council to facilitate work placements through a competitive learning process: “We’re providing opportunities for students who wouldn’t otherwise have their own links with those types of placement opportunities.” Student feedback has been positive, and Julia has seen “how they have put into practice what they’ve learnt in a lecture… the students are making those links themselves”.

International opportunities

The Chinese Legal Internships for Law programme is a way for the University of Exeter to build relationships with law firms in China and provide international internship and job opportunities for students. The process is in-depth and involves collaboration from all parties. “We actually are seeing the results of these opportunities, which is different from other jobs… We’re getting direct feedback both from the students, about how their internship has gone, and also from the law firms and how they value the whole programme.”

Aim 4: International learning, research & experiences

To provide international perspectives in all programmes and a multi-cultural experience for all students

Embedding employability within the curriculum

“There is a need to make sure that the students are aware just how important what they’re doing [within their courses]… is, in building their employability skills.”

Gaining an international perspective

“You become a much more well-rounded person; you can bring back other ideas, innovations…”