Suzanne Aburagheb

International support

Name Suzanne Aburagheb
Position International Student Adviser
College Academic Services

Supporting international students and an intercultural educational environment

Suzanne is an International Student Adviser within the International Student Support Office (ISSO). ISSO supports international students whilst they are studying at the University of Exeter through a variety of methods. This includes immigration and visa support; “our team is made up of trained immigration advisers... We provide advice to students right the way through, from applying for their student visas at home… to possibly working in the UK after they complete their studies. Immigration can be quite a complex area, and it’s forever changing… We keep as up-to-date as possible, and we are also members of the UK Council for International Student Affairs”.

Suzanne and the rest of the team also: offer one-to-one support, co-ordinate the International Students Guide, which gets sent out to all international students, and provide meet-and-greet services and transport from airports to the Exeter campuses. Within Freshers’ Week, “we deliver programmes specific to international students, as well as taking part in some of the activities that take place on campus. The main one, for example, is English Country dancing, which is always a good laugh!”

ISSO also supports cultural events throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year and Diwali celebrations, which engages not only international students but the entire student body, as well as the wider Exeter community.

For more information about the International Student Support Office, please go to Zoe Rutterford's case study.

Aim 4: International learning, research & experiences

To provide international perspectives in all programmes and a multi-cultural experience for all students