Dr Gihan Marasingha

Best Lecturer Winner

Multi-disciplinary learning

Name Dr Gihan Marasingha



Lecturer in Mathematics

College College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Modules ECM1701, ECM2712, ECM3703

Multi-disciplinary teaching  

“I don’t think of my teaching as being a little box... I think of university teaching as giving students the tools to proceed in life generally. I’ll get them to write poems, maybe about calculus, because I want them to explore the whole part of their being and not just a little part of a box, so poetry, music, dance, etc. It all goes towards making them a rounded mathematician or indeed human being.”

Aim 6: Multi-disciplinary learning for global challenges

To make learning form more than one discipline a feature of all programmes

What students say

  • “He organises ram-torials.” (relaxed tutorials in The Ram)
  • “He comes to the tutorials when he doesn’t have to, to make sure we understand the content.”
  • “He is always available to talk to and is happy to help out, even if the subject is not specific to his module.”
  • “He always makes time for students when we need his help.”
  • “He rearranges the lecture theatre to help us understand a topic”
  • “He is always very entertaining which makes his lectures both educational and enjoyable.”
  • “He makes difficult material easy to understand.”

Multi-disciplinary learning

"I don’t want students to think they’re here to study a module in vectors, matrices – and that’s it."

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