Dr Ian Cook

Grand Challenges Academic Lead

Multi-disciplinary learning

Name Dr Ian Cook
Email I.J.Cook@exeter.ac.uk
Position Associate Professor in Geography
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Cross-disciplinary working

Ian Cook organised a multi-disciplinary project as part of the Grand Challenges scheme. "I ran the Fashion Ethics – in the wake of the Rana Plaza collapse – Challenge this year... And what it did was brought students from all over the University, all disciplines and students from all over the world together to work on something that they all cared about. An interdisciplinary bunch of students... [who] brought all kinds of knowledge with them that you wouldn't normally, in my experience, have in an ordinary classroom."

Aim 6: Multi-disciplinary learning for global challenges

Multi-disciplinary learning that tackles contemporary global challenges

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Cross-disciplinary working

"If you bring together things that don’t go together, sparks begin to fly and new ideas come out. New kinds of problems, [and] new kinds of solutions can come out by not working in disciplines."

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