Professor Fabrizio Nevola

Multi-disciplinary learning

Name Professor Fabrizio Nevola


Chair in Art History and Visual Culture

College College of Humanities

Developing smart phone apps

Fabrizio ran a series of workshops that supported students in creating rudimentary smartphone apps, based on Fabrizio's AHRC funded research project 'Hidden Florence'. The students were encouraged to create historic walking tours exploring the local area of Exeter, using technology to enhance their understanding of the topics they were studying.

Interdisciplinary study

The Art History and Visual Culture programme is an exciting interdisciplinary initiative that explores the importance of images and artefacts in our lives. The programme provides students with the opportunity to study a wide range of topics through the department's diverse range of researcher's specialisms; from historic and contemporary arts practices, curatorship and technology, to performance, popular culture and visual representations of ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

As Fabrizio explains: “Different things can be studied from different points of view, and actually all those points of view are interesting and contribute to our understanding of that particular thing; be it an object, a material object, an artistic object, a work of literature, a piece of digital media, a chunk of a city standing in a particular place, or indeed relocated to a museum. All these things, I think, need to be understood in an interdisciplinary way and are much more interesting if they are understood in that kind of way.”

Aim 6: Multi-disciplinary learning for global challenges 

To provide all students with the opportunity to explore the relevance of different disciplines to contemporary challenges facing the world

Smart phone apps

“Apps are a way of speaking to people on location".

Interdisciplinary study

"In my own work, as well as in teaching, I've always resisted disciplinary boundaries."