Richard Falk

Students' Green Unit Co-ordinator

Multi-disciplinary learning

Name Richard Falk
Position Research Co-ordinator 
Organisation Students' Green Unit

Exeter Wassail 

Richard was the Students' Green Unit project co-ordinator for the Exeter Wassail/Celebrating Nature project, which took a multi-disciplinary approach to raising awareness around climate change. The project was so successful that it featured on BBC Radio Devon, reaching approximately 26,000 people via the station's twitter account. The Students' Green Unit hopes the project will continue in the future as an annual event.

“[Multi-disciplinary learning] is one of the real innovations of the Green Unit. Academic engagement is something we try to inject in all our student projects, so we’re talking to people from English, Drama, Psychology, Geography, Biology… and connecting these disciplines which often don’t talk to each other, to bring alive student-led sustainability projects... sustainability is something that touches every discipline and if every discipline treats in isolation the work that can be done to solve some of the problems we have is going to be a lot harder…” 

Aim 6: Multi-disciplinary learning for global challenges 

To provide all students with the opportunity to explore the relevance of different disciplines to contemporary challenges facing the world

What students and staff say

  • “I’ve never seen anything quite like this on campus… You’ve really brought something special to the university here, and something that an institution like Exeter sorely needs, a wild edge…” 
  • “[The Wassail] made me think a little more about nature and its more cultural and philosophical significance. It made me want to participate more in the local community.” 

Exeter Wassail

“…the disciplines which associated with the Wassail included drama… the sciences... poetry... and also there was lots of art involved.”