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Multi-disciplinary learning for global challenges

Name The Undergraduate Journal

Students becoming multi-disciplinary practitioners through the University's Interdisciplinary Academic Journal

The Undergraduate is the University of Exeter’s Interdisciplinary Academic Journal “for undergraduates by undergraduates”, established in 2013 by a group of students who wanted students to receive more recognition for their research.

The journal encompasses nine academic disciplines: Ancient History & Classics; Business & Economics; English & Film; International Relations; Law; Middle Eastern Studies; Modern Languages, Social Sciences and Theology. Two issues are published every year and are available free of charge in print and online. Any undergraduate student can submit an article, which is then anonymised and assessed by a subject editor. The essays that best match the journal's values are then selected and published in the next print and online issues. 

The overall Undergraduate team for 2015-16 is led by President, Caroline Hughes (BA Economics and French) and Editor-in-Chief, Rosemary Lennie (BA Theology and Religion). Caroline says the Undergraduate aims to be a platform for exchanging knowledge and ideas across disciplines, make academic research accessible to a broad audience, encourage undergraduate research and writing outside courses and promote the work of aspiring researchers among undergraduates at Exeter.

Research and Multi-disciplinary Learning

As Editor-in-Chief, Rosemary reads all essays in each discipline and says, as befits the journal’s submission criteria, articles are very interdisciplinary. “Within Law, a lot of the essays are related to International Relations and international Law…[while] a lot of the International Relations…[content] relates to Middle Eastern issues…because it is such a current [topic]. It’s fascinating to see the different things that people write about and where different people feel their strengths lie.”

The Focus Feature, a collaboration of the Undergraduate’s team where a common theme is explored from the perspective of all the different disciplines, is also about interdisciplinary research. Rosemary explains, “We encourage interdisciplinary within submissions because…that’s how real life works. Nothing is just Law or just English, [all subjects] communicate.”

Rosemary adds, “The value of Multi-disciplinary Learning is that you branch out…it’s about expanding your horizons…[and]…learning to work together…Maybe we can start facing some problems in the big wide world when we learn to communicate between subjects.”

The journal has been widely praised by students and staff. University of Exeter Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Janice Kay has described the Undergraduate as, “an exciting adventure for the talented student essayists of Exeter to display their skills.”


Aim 6: Multi-disciplinary learning for global challenges
To provide all students with the opportunity to explore the relevance of different disciplines to contemporary challenges facing the world

The Undergraduate Journal - Origins and Content

The University of Exeter’s Interdisciplinary Academic Journal “for undergraduates by undergraduates”.

The Undergraduate Journal - Interdisciplinary and Multi-disciplinary Learning

“We encourage interdisciplinarity within submissions because…that’s how real life works.”

The Undergraduate Journal - Employability

"One of the biggest skills I have learned is confidence”.