Ami Gibson

Students' Guild Staff

Student engagement

Name Ami Gibson
Position Community Volunteering Co-ordinator

The Students' Guild

Actively engaged students

As Community Volunteering Manager, Ami Gibson works with students to support and engage them with volunteering and activities outside of their degrees, within the community or on campus. “We have lots of student-led projects, as well as projects that are linked to discipline and societies.”

There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved with volunteering. The Exeter Student Volunteers is the group to go to for student-led projects, from working with children and elderly people, to volunteering in a hospital, or even leading a project to develop environmental sustainability. Ami believes that volunteering enhances and enriches skills such as team-building and inter-personal communication abilities.

“Student engagement for us is about getting [student] ideas and involving them in as much as we can… From a volunteering perspective, the Students’ Guild helps to shape that in the sense that we work with societies and disciplines as well. We try and set up volunteering projects within different disciplines to help [students] to integrate their degree [with] their volunteering…”

Cross-disciplinary work

The volunteering projects that the Students’ Guild encourages often cross disciplines. For example, a project working with children that integrates psychology theories involves students from varying degrees. Subject societies also invite students outside of the specific subject, as well as within departments.

Ami argues that interdisciplinary work and volunteering is important because “you’re opening students’ eyes to things that may not be available to them straightaway from working on their degree… Working with different disciplines allows them to have access to that information and actually explore something that they may not have thought was of an interest to them in the beginning…”

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students
To increase levels of proactive student engagement with their academic studies

Multi-disciplinary volunteering

“It’s important for students to work in a team and amongst different disciplines because it… prepares them for their career.”