Charlie Rushforth

Most Supportive Staff Member Winner 

Student engagement

Name Charlie Rushforth
Position Administrator (Programme Support)
College College of Humanities

Supporting students

Winner of the Most Supportive Staff Member at the Guild Teaching Awards (2014), Charlie Rushforth is dedicated to providing administrative and pastoral support to Classics and Ancient History students in order to aid their active engagement with the subject.

One aspect of Charlie's role is ensuring that assessment and feedback meets the agreed turnaround time, so that students are able to use their feedback effectively: "It’s very useful in some of our modules because…for example, the main assessment for the module will be a long essay - say 4000 words - so the pieces of the assessment they do earlier in the term feed into that. So that might be an essay plan, a bibliography, that type of thing, so getting quick feedback on that is fairly crucial in terms of them developing their final piece of work. I also think it obviously aids revision for exams".

The sense of community in the Classics and Ancient History is mirrored in Charlie's support to students' wellbeing: "We’ve increase in students needing extra support…[and] I think [students] knowing [that] they can come and talk to people in the department, who will be willing to listen and able to help them and direct them to where they can find other really important to help them achieve their academic potential".

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students
To increase levels of proactive student engagement with their academic studies

What students say:

  • " consistently helpful, cheerful, and knowledgeable about the university... She goes out of her way to answer any query that comes her way. She is a real asset to the department."
  • "Charlie is the most friendly and approachable member of staff in the department, and is always so willing to offer advice and help in whatever way possible to students."
  • " I'm sure the academic staff will agree that Charlie has been key in strengthening relations between staff and students. Her approachability and kindness is valued by all who meet her. Charlie has been particularly supportive of the Classics Society over the last year; she has always helped us with booking venues for lectures, set up meetings with members of College management and helped to organise catering for events. Charlie is not required to do this in her job description; she does it voluntarily and for this the Society is incredibly grateful. The Classics Society would not have had such a successful year without Charlie's support."

Supporting students

"...there's a real sense of community in the department with the staff and the students".