Dr Fred Roberts

Nominated for Best Lecturer

Student engagement

Name Dr Fred Roberts
Email F.L.Roberts@exeter.ac.uk

Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Lead in Physiology

College University of Exeter Medical School

Engaging students in lectures 

Having been nominated for 'Best Lecturer' in The Teaching Awards, Fred's approach to lecturing is one that is clearly popular among his students. From his use of simple, real life scenarios to explain complex medical occurrences, to his use of Turning Point in lectures, Fred ensures that his students are actively engaged in the lecture throughout. Fred elaborates; “to try and understand… how we deliver oxygen to the body, I use the analogy of YO! Sushi - the Japanese sushi company - where you’ve got the little conveyor belt going round, and the plates represent haemoglobin carrying oxygen”.  

“[Teaching] is one of the most fulfilling things... to see the light coming on when a student or group of students had failed to understand something… and suddenly it's clear… is the most incredibly rewarding feeling”.

E-Learning project

In addition to using technology in his lectures, Fred also helped pioneer the e-Learning Anaesthesia (e-LA) project for long distance, postgraduate learners, winning the Gold Award for ‘Best online or distance learning project’ at the e-Learning industry awards.

“One of the problems in terms of postgraduate education is finding the balance between people who are required to undertake clinical duties, and finding the time for them to do their individual learning… E-Learning gives them the flexibility to do much of their learning in their own time”.

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of proactive student engagement with their academic studies

Engaging students in lectures

“Turning Point… [is] a form of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’.”

E-Learning for postgraduate students

"E-Learning gives [students] the flexibility to do much of their learning in their own time”.