Dr Juan Garcia-Precedo

Student engagement

Name Dr Juan Garcia-Precedo
Email J.M.Garcia-Precedo@exeter.ac.uk
Position Lecturer in Hispanic Studies
College College of Humanities

Engaging students through Peer Support

Dr Juan Garcia-Precedo is the co-ordinator of the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Scheme within Modern Languages. Peer Support is a prime opportunity for students to engage better with the subject that they are learning, whether as a mentee or a mentor. The Modern Languages PAL Scheme is run by fourth and second year students facilitating sessions to help first year students with their learning, across a range of languages. Study groups meet once a week and run throughout the year, ending with an opportunity to provide feedback for the programme.

Peer Support brings great benefits for everyone involved. For Peer Leaders, “it promotes transferable skills. Some of them are not too confident on the way they speak in Spanish, or French, or German… This scheme helps them to improve their language skills… Also, it’s an excellent way of assimilating, or consolidating, knowledge, by explaining to others how languages work.” For mentees involved in the programme, “they get extra help, to understand how the Language module runs, what they are expected to do as students, the way they are expected to perform in exams… They get help in so many different ways from more experienced students.”

“Peer Learning helps all students to engage in a wider community… Our students feel that they have a need to engage in an interaction with other students studying the same language. They want to talk to other people that have the same interests… This is a way of providing students with an opportunity to interact, to engage… in the various things that surround the fact of learning a language.”

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of student engagement with their academic studies

Building skills and attributes through Peer Support

“It’s about gaining more knowledge of the target culture… more linguistic competence… more confidence…”