Dr Louise Pendry

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Student engagement

Name Dr Louise Pendry
Email L.F.Pendry@exeter.ac.uk
Position Senior Lecturer in Psychology
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Module PSY3410

Presentations to engage students with assessment

"One of the things that the students seemed to be expressing most concern about was the presentation component which they all have to do … so I set about developing some materials for the students … and I drew upon some experience that I had in a former career when I worked in advertising."

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of student engagement with their academic studies

What students say:

  • ʺThe lecturer was thoroughly organised and set high expectations for the group - this provided motivation to work hard and try to succeed at this module. The module content was diverse. All students were encouraged to bond and work together - this resulted in a greater number of students contributing in class discussions and encouraged more interactive learningʺ
  • ʺThe atmosphere in the classroom was great as everyone got involved and participated. It was very relaxed but at the same time very intellectually stimulating. I loved it!ʺ


Student presentations

"The presentations had become the high spot of the module and students really looked forward to attending because people were really putting a lot of thought into how to present in engaging ways."

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