Dr Richard Winsley

Senior Fellow SFHEA and National Teaching Fellow

Student engagement


Dr Richard Winsley



Position Associate Professor and Director of Education in Sport and Health Sciences
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Clarity of feedback to engage students 

Richard uses a variety of different feedback methods. One of these methods includes the use of a standardised feedback sheet that requires the marker to grade students in an indicative way, such as, how have they achieved the independent learning outcomes, and have they met the criteria? He also uses a general summary statement which explains to students why they gained a particular mark, and also offers direction in terms of where extra information can be found to support their understanding.

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of student engagement with their academic studies

What students say

  • “Uses a wide variety of visual, audio and kinaesthetic learning techniques within a lecture … he will utilise small video clips to help understand physiological process while also have a clear way of explaining the process. Allows for individuals to identify their preferred way of learning and maximise their learning potential.”
  • “Quality teaching style, really gets relevant information across, even when extremely complicated. Lovely person as well!”
  • “Adaptive and fun techniques to ensure learning and content is memorable … Relavent colouring coordination and word colouring associations to ensure learning. Fun games and prizes to be won from demonstrations. Everything is relevant to topic. Learns students’ names to engage them in lectures.”

Variety of feedback

"Staff members have got a load of [feedback] options available to them."

Instant feedback

"The five minute window that you’re capturing there, is much more time efficient."