Dr Siam Bhayro

Nominated for Most Supportive Staff Member

Student engagement

Name Dr Siam Bhayro
Email S.Bhayro@exeter.ac.uk
Position Senior Lecturer in Early Jewish Studies
College College of Humanities

Engaging and supporting students

Nominated at the Teaching Awards 2015 for “Most Supportive Member of Staff”, Dr Siam Bhayro, a Senior Lecturer in Early Jewish Studies, encourages and engages his students to feel part of a community. As Siam explains: “In a smaller department, it’s easier to get to know all the students a lot better, but even in a bigger department, you can make the effort to get to know who your tutees are and the people that you’re teaching”.

“The students are here to get an education, but they are also young adults who are experiencing what are going to be the greatest years of their lives, but of course it can be challenging in an enormous number of ways, and so if we are there to help them navigate these various challenges, then all the better”.

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of student engagement with their academic studies

Qualities of a supportive staff member

"It's a case of looking after...[students'] wellbeing all round, so that they can do as well as they can possibly do, and leave here with the degree that they deserve."