James Smith

Students' Guild Staff

Student engagement

Name James Smith
Email J.W.Smith@exeter.ac.uk
Position Academic Representation Manager

The Students' Guild

Engaging students with the Guild's Visions for the Future of Education

As Academic Representation Manager, James is involved in ensuring that students are supported and actively engaged. As James explains: “I’m the Academic Representation Manager at the University of Exeter Students’ Guild. My role essentially looks at supporting students in all the different departments in the University…So if they have any issues, they can come to their Student Staff Liaison Committee to work with staff in the department to make changes. We also work very closely with the University on projects like Change Agents, ensuring that students have an opportunity to have their voice heard and make change happen”.

James also pioneered the Guild's Visions for the Future of Education, where students from each College at the University, SSLCs and focus groups were involved in helping to identify the key steps to making the Exeter experience the best it can be, by producing action plans for each College. Demonstrating how student engagement improves academic experience, the actions listed in each College’s vision pinpoint areas for improvement based upon student feedback.

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students
To increase levels of proactive student engagement with their academic studies

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Academic Representation

"My role....supports students....to make change happen within their deparment".

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"The Visions... articulate exactly what [students] would like to see the University do".