Laura Yonish

Students' Guild Staff

Student engagement

Name Laura Yonish
Position Fundraising Co-ordinator

The Students' Guild

Engaging students with fundraising

As Fundraising Co-ordinator within the Students’ Guild, Laura is the main port-of-call for any students, including societies, who wish to learn more about fundraising and want to get involved with fundraising events, sponsorship and/or raising money for charity.

Laura works a lot with RAG, but there are also many other opportunities for students to get involved with fundraising, such as through charity-specific societies or out in the third sector itself. Laura strongly believes that the extra-curricular activities students partake in outside of their degrees bring huge benefits, in terms of key experiences and transferable skills. Fundraising and charity work with the Guild is a fantastic chance for students to “try out lots of different things they might not have had the opportunity to do before, and see what works for them, and how they can progress that throughout their three years and on into later life”.

Developing employable graduates

Laura spend time working with charities and local fundraising bodies, which in turn provides opportunities for students within the third sector. “Our employment support is growing year on year, as it’s getting a lot harder for students to find jobs. Just having a degree isn’t enough anymore, so the strategy we tend to [take] is to let the students find out what they enjoy doing… especially with fundraising and volunteering… [and translate] those… skills... into recognisable transferable skills.”

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students
To increase levels of proactive student engagement with their academic studies

Fundraising and employability

"Our job is to show them what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and how they can transfer that onto their CVs…"