Lauren Ausden

Nominated for Most Supportive Staff Member

Student engagement

Name Lauren Ausden
Position Administrator for the Archaeology Department
College College of Humanities

Engaging students through pastoral support

Acting as the Administrator for the Archaeology Department, Lauren has regular contact with students of all levels, dealing with a variety of queries including timetabling, coursework, module choices and mitigating circumstances.

There are extensive advantages for having this type of pastoral support available within colleges. Lauren expresses that “it’s beneficial for [students] to have a community place to come to, rather than just having the academic offices; it’s quite nice for them to have a supportive member of staff that they can come to and approach when they need to.”

Lauren believes there are four main characteristics of a supportive staff member, including “being a good listener… being patient, being flexible… Being available at [students’] convenience rather than at yours, is always really important… and being a caring person and having empathy with students” by having an understanding of their lives outside of their degrees.

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of proactive student engagement with their academic studies

The value of pastoral support

“It’s nice for [students] to feel like they have someone… that they know they can come to”