Neill Wood

Fellow FHEA

Student engagement

Name Neill Wood
Position Programme Director for MSc Surveying and Land/Environmental Management
College College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Engaging students with practical, outreaching work

As part of the Education and Scholarship family, Neill Wood’s work is teaching-focused, encompassing research strands into site investigation, geo-physics and experimental surveying. Neill firmly believes in the purpose of research and academic work to have practical engagement and direct involvement with the community. “What would be the point of research if it didn’t have some kind of impact on the community? The only people that would get to know it and get anything out of it would be us. For me, the whole point of doing research is to have some benefit for people, so it has to be driven by some community need.”

This external responsibility and practical inquiry resides very much within his teaching. As Neill states, “I try very hard to build research into the material that I teach to students because I think that helps to keep them engaged and to feel that they’re doing something very positive and at the cutting-edge… What really engages people is turning theory into practice, and what better way to do that than to get out there and do something that is interesting, cutting-edge and involves them in something that – we’re actually not quite sure what’s going to come out of it – but we know it’s going to be something interesting.”

Using technology to deliver a first class education

Within the Camborne School of Mines, students have been able to use cutting-edge equipment within this practical work. “That’s interesting for the students because… they’re not using a museum piece; they’re using something that’s actually as good as, or better than, is current in industry... It means that we’re not just equipping them for now, we’re equipping them for the future.”

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of student engagement with their academic studies

Research-based practical engagement

"[Students]… end up being far more employable and far more skilled as a result of it."

Technology to prepare for the future

"As an education institution, we’re there to prepare people for their future careers."

Understanding geophysical data

A 3D depiction of the Tywardreath site