Professor Philip Stern

Nominated for Best Feedback Provider

Student engagement

Name Professor Philip Stern
Position Professor of Marketing
College The Business School

Using simulations to enhance students' learning and employability

Philip is a Professor of Marketing, whose research interests lie in the pharmaceutical industry. Philip is keen for students to gain first hand-experience of marketing and strategy through the use of competitive, group-based simulations in his Marketing Management and Strategy module.

As Philip explains, by drawing upon not only textboxes but also more practical, active learning techniques, students “can not only read about concepts, but actually apply concepts in practice and see the results of their great decisions and also their errors , and quite often people learn more from their mistakes than they do from getting things right. So as a learning experience, those kinds of activities I think are vital”.

Active engagement with feedback

At the Students’ Guild Teaching Awards 2015, Philip was nominated for “Best Feedback Provider”. As Philip explains, providing quality feedback is important, and is often intertwined with assessment: “Feedback’s one of the biggest problems that academics face and is going to become increasingly significant, and the danger is that feedback becomes very mechanistic and the bigger the classes, the more difficult that becomes. Students obviously need feedback, because they need to know how they are doing, and…[is] an important mechanism by which they get reassurance or guidance…It has to be relevant to them, it has to show them where they’ve gone wrong and how they can improve, and that to me is the key element of useful feedback”.

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students

To increase levels of student engagement with their academic studies


Using simulations to enhance learning and employability

"Marketing Management and Strategy actually incorporates a competitive simulation".

Importance of providing quality feedback

"[It is] important...[for students] to take the feedback and see how they are going to apply it to their life after being at university".