Stephen Hickman

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Student engagement

Name Stephen Hickman
Position Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies
College University of Exeter Business School
Module BEMM161

Poster presentations to engage students with assessment

As Stephen explains, in “a world of imagery where … we are surrounded by pictures”, poster assessment seems an increasingly relevant and valid form of assessment.

On his Masters module, Sustainable Enterprise Economy, Stephen asks his students to work in pairs to create a poster on sustainability and environmental responsibility as a form of communications exercise. As Stephen explains, “this challenges the students to think beyond just the ideas that they…want to communicate…and to push ahead with different ways that they might use visual images, because the criteria emphasises the need to use image above text... [which] is a real challenge".

Students have responded positively to these visual methods of assessment and other institutions have also shown an interest in our approach. 

Aim 1: Talented, Active, Engaged Students
To increase levels of student engagement with their academic studies

What students say:

  • ʺWe really enjoy doing this piece [of assessment]".

Poster assessment

"It’s a popular assessment for students, a component element within the module and equally it’s really enjoyable to mark."