George Flower and Hershil Kotak

Students' Guild Subject Chairs

Confident and adaptable individual

Names George Flower and Hershil Kotak
College College of Humanities

Adapting to meet students' needs

Third year Classics and Ancient History students George Flower and Hershil Kotak are joint Subject Chairs for their discipline. The position of Subject Chair requires students to be adaptable in the way that they carry out their role, in order to meet the needs of the students they represent. As George explains, "it's imperative that the student voice is heard... it's about us liaising with our students... liaising with our staff, and being as transparent as possible". 

"University definitely teaches students to be adaptable because … [you’re] a small cog in a wider framework… To play your part within that you have to hear what other people have to say and put that in force."

When considering the suggestions of students and staff in order to support the University in adapting and negotiate positive change, Subject Chairs need to be resilient. Hershil commented, "Student Staff Liaison Committees are all about arguing the case for student change, and sometimes you won’t get that right the first time, so you have to be resilient in your response."

Adaptability and resilience in the SSLC

"What has to remain paramount is that any student issue does get attention… [so] we have to persevere and be resilient."