About our strategy

Our strategy

The University of Exeter’s vision is to be a global 100 research leader and create graduates of distinction within a community of the most talented and creative minds.

To do this we will use our collective talents to shape our future world and find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by humankind. We will seek to create greater understanding and share our knowledge with others, encouraging them to discover new possibilities.

We will nurture our students, colleagues and communities, giving future generations the ability to change the world around us through skills, intellectual resources, courage and resilience.

We are driven by a desire to realise a future where our researchers, other colleagues, students, graduates, supporters and partners unite to tackle the most pressing global issues. We will make the exceptional happen: from predicting and mitigating the complicated effects of climate change, to new innovative approaches to understanding diseases; from studying the complexities of memory, to understanding extrasolar planets; identifying what causes radicalisation, to curing neurophysiological conditions.

Our strategy establishes how we will work towards achieving our vision over the next five years, as well as our Global Vision 2050 – through to our 100th anniversary in 2055. The actions we need to take will be implemented through what we have called ‘sovereign strategies’; which are a series of key strategies that set out our detailed plans, for example our Education and our Research and Impact Strategies.

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We will achieve our vision by:

  • Building research power to solve global challenges;
  • Delivering an internationally excellent education;
  • Creating an impact regionally, nationally and globally;
  • Supporting our people to make the exceptional happen:
  • Making the most of our resources.

We’ll know if we’ve succeeded in 2021 by:

  • Consistently achieving a top 10 position in all UK rankings;
  • Sustainably achieving Global 100 status;
  • Submission of at least 1000 colleagues to the next Research Excellence Framework (REF).