Making the most of our resources

Our resources

To reach our goals we have to manage our resources properly, which means ensuring we are using them efficiently and in the right way. We need to make best use of what we already have, which then allows us to invest in important new infrastructure to get our campuses and digital services into the right place for the next generation. We are very fortunate to have a large number of generous supporters and will continue to work with them to develop new resources. Our plans must be environmentally responsible; putting into practice the world-leading expertise in climate science which our own researchers generate. We are committed to making sure our decision-making is transparent, fair and fully informed. By making smart decisions about our resources we can realise our ambition to grow our research and enhance the student experience, whilst still acting responsibly.

We will achieve this by:

  • Choosing a broad range of ways to generate income and making the most of our assets and current resources to generate funds. This will be through working with our stakeholders, industry and, critically, our graduates;
  • Developing an ambitious, energy-efficient capital strategy, estate strategy and digital strategy with a programme of investment. This will allow us to create the right spaces to realise our aims;
  • Getting the best value from our decision making, ways of working and investments;
  • Using resources effectively, whilst assessing risks and evaluating regularly;
  • Continuing our practices of good university governance and risk management;
  • Promoting the highest standards of professional integrity and considering any ethical, social and environmental issues arising from what we do;
  • Thorough assessment of any environmental impacts of our activities and finding innovative ways to reduce our carbon emissions;
  • Leading by example, by promoting environmental sustainability to complement our academic expertise in climatic science.

We’ll know if we’ve succeeded by:

  • Improving our financial position to secure £55 million per year of operating profitability, a growth of 38 per cent on 2014/15 levels;
  • Broadening the ways we generate income to give us more security, with less dependency upon government funding sources. Generating at least £60 million through our ‘Making the Exceptional Happen’ fundraising campaign and increasing sustainably our annual development income;
  • Investing more than £200 million in infrastructure during this plan;
  • Reducing carbon emissions by 43 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050 (from a 2005/06 baseline of 25,000 tonnes).

Supporting strategies