Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor

Our Vice-Chancellor

Universities are truly special places which transform lives. At the University of Exeter we want to make the exceptional happen, and have a real and lasting impact on the world around us. We are already firmly at the forefront of universities worldwide and our ambition is to increase that position, particularly as a Global 100 institution.

Our strategy is designed to support that aim, by challenging our talented students to achieve more than they ever thought possible, and by recruiting the very best people from around the world to reach greater heights in research excellence, innovation and impact.

We want to find solutions for some of humankind’s greatest challenges and, through the establishment of our Global Vision 2050 project, we are already enabling academics from different disciplines to work more closely together to challenge conventional thinking about the world we want to live in, and change it for the better.

To ensure we pass our enthusiasm for learning to the next generation, our students will have even more opportunities to work alongside our gifted academics. We’ll also be working to grow our international partnerships so we can continue to increase the reach and impact of the research we undertake.

Our values - ambition, challenge, collaboration, community, impact and rigour - are at the very heart of everything we do. We’ve used them to guide the creation of our strategy ensuring our goals and future successes reflect the type of institution we are - ambitious, co-operative, ethical, professional and environmentally conscious - above all, one that makes the exceptional happen.