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Key Characteristics

A dynamic leader through ambition and autonomy

Exeter's ambition and dynamism generate a stimulating learning and business environment. We innovate and take informed risks. We have decisive leadership and a progressive approach to governance and management. We will continue to self-invest, embrace change and act on new opportunities.

An outstanding educational experience

The University enables highly talented students from around the world to achieve their highest academic potential. World-class researchers and scholars challenge and support our students. Our students are active learners and we provide them with the best facilities in which to learn. We also provide them with wide ranging opportunities beyond the curriculum to excel and develop, to help them become critical thinkers, future leaders and active participants in society.

Reaching out to recruit the most talented students

Exeter is committed to an extensive programme of reaching out to students of all backgrounds, to help them recognise the benefits of higher education and to encourage them to aspire to gain a place at university. Our admissions policy takes account of students’ backgrounds, contextualising their attainment. Our aim is to admit aspiring students from all echelons of society and encourage them to achieve great things.

The Exeter graduate – committed, involved and in demand

We aim to make Exeter graduates among the most sought after by employers. Their participation and commitment is widely recognised and appreciated, with an award winning Students’ Guild, one of the UK’s highest rates of democratic representation and involvement in societies, and exceptionally high levels of student volunteering. As agents of change, students engage fully with the world around them, becoming responsible, rounded graduates, leaders and team players at work and lifelong learning. Our alumni are advocates and active supporters, engaged with their University throughout their lives.

World-leading research and knowledge transfer

A vibrant centre for new ideas, we work to extend our reputation for globally excellent research. We have a deep commitment to interdisciplinary research across all of our subject areas. Our research environment removes barriers to the sharing of ideas. We aim to carry out research and scholarship of enduring quality and impact, addressing the most significant challenges facing humanity such as climate change, sustainability and global health.

International in outlook and impact

An international dimension permeates all aspects of University life. Through our networks and selective partnerships, we welcome international peoples and cultures to Exeter and export our research and scholarship to the world. We actively support the academic and social integration of international staff and students. Together, we produce research with global impact and enhance the ‘Exeter Experience’. Our expanding global connections of research, business partners and alumni enable Exeter’s sphere of opportunity and influence to grow year on year.

Uniquely attractive living and learning environments

Exeter’s campus environment is widely recognised as being amongst the best in the UK. Stunning natural landscapes in both Exeter and Cornwall have been enhanced through careful development of grounds and buildings. Preserving that landscape whilst enabling expansion and the provision of new facilities is central to our strategy. The unique environment of the South West of England also informs some of our research and teaching priorities. With partners like the Exeter-based Met Office, and through new academic developments like the Environment and Sustainability Institute at our Penryn Campus in Cornwall, we are making the region a hub for world-leading environmental research.

A leader and investor in the South West

The University makes a massive contribution to the South West region economically, culturally and socially. In 2011 the University’s economic contribution was worth more than £400m pa, a figure that has risen substantially year-on-year due to capital growth and impact on the national knowledge economy. Around 6,000 jobs depend directly and indirectly on the University. Students and staff contribute greatly to the arts through performances, exhibitions and musical recitals. The volunteering ethos of our students is directed at disadvantaged and disabled people in society and equates to thousands of hours of unpaid work.

The Exeter community

The ‘Exeter Experience’, of our students, staff and alumni, has community at its very heart. We challenge, encourage and support one another and celebrate our successes. Our Professional Services and academic staff work creatively together, with mutual respect and recognition. Our staff make an exceptional commitment to our students, fostered by a positive and productive partnership with the Students’ Guild.