Mathematics resources

The following table provides a list of maths resources. These offer materials and information on a variety of mathematics topics. Each resource has a summary description to assist you in locating the right resource for your needs.

  • mathcentre offers free resources to support mathematics development from school to university level in a range of disciplines. Various formats are provided including leaflets, online exercises, and video tutorials, etc.
  • GCSE Maths covers GCSE level online resources for a range of different mathematics topics. A BBC website.
  • MathsRevision offers A Level pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics revision notes, plus GCSE resources.
  • TCAEP This website is published by the Institute of Physics as part of its comprehensive range of websites to support physics and physicists. It contains information on Maths, Science and Astronomy.
  • BBC Skills Wise provides very basic maths skills information and guidance.
  • NRICH contains mathematics problems, games, and articles.
  • S-COOL is dedicated to school students. It has GCSE and A Level revision on a range of subjects including maths. Other key skills are also available here.
  • Mathworld is a comprehensive and interactive mathematics site for advanced mathematics requirements.
  • Wolfram Mathematics provides an interface for solving integrals.

Note: these are external websites, therefore we cannot guarantee their accessibility, reliability or accuracy. Please report any broken links to the Academic Skills Team.