Statistics resources

The following table provides a list of statistics related resources and associated web pages. These provide materials and information on a variety of statistics related areas. Each resource has a summary description to assist you in locating the right resource for your needs. 

  • Statstutor provides a variety of different resources - case study videos, video tutorials, teach yourself materials, tests and quizzes and facts and formulae leaflets.
  • Mathworld offers extensive information on probability and statistics geared to the more advanced statistician.
  • Maths Revision - A Level Statistics covers a range of topics using clear basic language.
  • HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook covers a comprehensive array of topics through menus, generally using clear, basic language.
  • Engineering Statistics Handbook offers a "handbook" to help scientists and engineers incorporate statistical methods into their work as efficiently as possible.
  • mathcentre offers some downloadable leaflets (in pdf format) providing guidance on basic statistics methods.

Note: these are external websites, therefore we cannot guarantee their accessibility, reliability or accuracy. Please report any broken links to the Academic Skills Team.