What is Writing Mentoring?

Writing Mentoring is a way to get help with your academic writing from a PhD student who is from your academic discipline or your college. Depending on the way the support is set up in your discipline, you can access support individually, via small groups or larger groups. The PhD mentor could help you with several aspects of writing including:

  • Structuring  your essay/assignment
  • Proof reading and editing
  • Building an argument
  • Referencing
  • Critical writing
  • Understanding and applying tutor feedback to future assignments

Who is the support for?

The support is for undergraduates.

How does Writing Mentoring benefit me?

You will receive writing support from a mentor who is aware of the discipline-specific writing skills that are required for your essays and assignments. They will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in writing so you can approach future assignments more confidently with an idea of what you need to improve. It is a great opportunity to receive advice and guidance tailored to your  writing needs.

In what ways is this support delivered?

PGR mentoring support is usually delivered in the following ways:

  • One to one help via drop-in helpdesks
  • One to one help via individual appointments
  • Small groups
  • Larger groups
  • A mixture of all or some of the above

The support will vary, depending on what your discipline or college has seen as appropriate for the skills that need to be developed.

When does this support take place?

The timing of the support depends on your discipline but it usually takes place in the second term when you have had a chance to write your assignments and get feedback on them.

How do I access this support?

Listen out for the start dates of the scheme at your lectures and seminars or check with your lecturer.