Students as Change Agents

Contact information

Change Agents support in Colleges

Each University College and the University of Exeter Students' Guild have a range of support available for Change Agents projects.

The table below lists all of the staff across the University and the Guild to whom you will be matched and supported by throughout your project. 

If you are focusing on change within your discipline or College, your project will be supported by the relevant contact below. If you are looking at changing across Colleges or the whole University, you will be supported by the central Change Agents team. If your project focuses on changes outside of learning and education, and on areas such as democracy/student voice, student welfare, volunteering and community, you will be supported by the Students' Guild. 

If you are unsure who to speak to, you can email us on our generic email and we will put you in touch with the right person:




College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics




Frankie Keenan (Streatham)

Nina Garratley (Penryn)


College of Life and Environmental Sciences


Mair George (Streatham)

Ellen Whitby (Penryn)

College of Humanities

Jo Messore
College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Darren Green


The Business School

Lauren Wonnacott


The Medical School

Eleanor Le Couteur Bisson


Flexible Combined Honours

Jo Messore


Katie Jones

University of Exeter Students' Guild

Beth Pitcher